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Nothing basic here

Great Real Estate Photographers know that importance of lighting, composition and color balancing.  There’s no mistake about it, homes can be tricky to expose in the best light.  From multiple light sources with different color temperatures to dimly lit spaces, lighting doesn’t always highlight the home!  But we know how to expose your photos to make them shine!  Composition can also be tricky! Squeezing into impossibly tight spaces to shoot the flow of a room isn’t as easy as it looks.  But we know the flow your property and want to make sure everyone can get a sense of how they can utilize each space.  

We may call it the basic listing photography package, but there is nothing basic about it!

Just as consumers should rely on a Professional REALTOR to assist them in their home purchase or sale, REALTORS should rely on their professional Real Estate photographer to handle all the tricky angles and make their listings shine!

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