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Marketing for the Real Estate Professional

Zyndicate is a full service creative agency which creates strong web experiences. We are passionate about design, development, photography and video.

We specialize in real estate marketing for the Charleston, SC area.


Listing Photography

Showcase your listings with the expertise they deserve to get homes sold for top dollar quickly with our professional listing photography!

Walk-thru Video Tours

When you have a listing that needs more than just professional photos, choose our full property videos to make the details of your listing shine!

Aerial Photography & Video

When location is a highlight that requires buyers’ attention, showoff your listing with our aerial photography/video services.


Choose the expertise your listings deserve.

High Dynamic Range Images

We shoot all our properties with a technique called HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE or HDR. This allows us to shoot multiple photos with differing exposures and merge the images into one well exposed photo.  HDR allows us to capture detail in the highlight areas of a room as well as the dimly lit areas. This technique will set your photos apart from the competition!

Sky Replacement

Some days just aren’t the best weather for real estate photo shoots.  Your clients want nothing more than a beautiful sun to shine over their home.  However, we know that sometimes we don’t have those sunny days when we need them.  We offer to replace those gray skies with beautiful blues and fluffy white clouds.  This allows your homeowners to make the most of every day!

Vivid Color

When shooting properties, it’s important to showcase the beauty of the home in real living color.  Blue skies, green grass and playful interiors are what our eyes see when we tour a home and real estate photography should highlight exactly that!  Every photo is edited to enhance the natural colors and contrast.

Flow Composition

Real estate photography doesn’t just show potential buyers there is shower, windows and appropriate doors where you need them.  They need to showcase the flow of a home.  That is why we shoot the lines of sight, angles and general flow of a property to get a sense and feel of how the rooms relate to one another.


  • Listing Photography
  • $145/ property
    • up to 3,500sqft
    • up to 36 edited photos
    • 48-hr turnaround
  • Twilight Photography
  • $105/ property
    • shot at dusk
    • up to 12 edited photos
    • 48-hr turnaround
  • Aerial Videography
  • $300/ property
    • aerial video
    • up to 10 edited aerial photos
    • 72-hr turnaround
  • Full Property Videography
  • $400/ property
    • Includes aerial video & photos
    • Walk thru video
    • 72-hr turnaround
For a full list of pricing and services, please contact us.

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